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Advantages of paid maternity leave research papers

advantages of paid maternity leave research papers

surveys of mothers (matched on their eligibility for paid parental leave 2347 mother's surveyed pre-PPL and 3268 post-PPL. What do the findings tell us? This paper investigates the health effects of the introduction of a near universal paid parental leave (PPL) scheme in Australia, representing a natural social policy experiment. MK: Have studies shown that paid parental leave is associated with improved child development later on in life? For instance, we found some evidence that children with highly involved fathers tend to perform better in terms of their cognitive test scores. Not every study found a direct health benefit of extended paid parental leave. That when fathers take longer leaves after the birth, they are more involved with their childrens care later in infancy and childhood. Economists blame a healthy percentage of that decline on the lack of family-friendly policies. There are benefits to mothers, too, as women who breast-feed are less likely to get breast cancer, ovarian cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease, according to the CDC. That's a wide angle look at the impact of paid leave on retention, but more focused studies at individual companies have produced numbers that are just as compelling. When Accenture extended paid leave from eight to 16 weeks, female attrition fell 40 percent.

This paper investigates the health effects of the introduction. JW: Yes, studies have shown benefits of paid parental leave for chi ld development. There is also research that shows that children do better. The majority of the research on the health impact of paid parental leave finds it can have a significant positive effect on mothers and children.

3) Paid Leave Policies Influence 77 Percent of Prospective Employees' Choices. One study out of the Center for Women and Work found that women who took maternity leave were 93 percent more likely to be working nine to twelve months after giving birth than those who didn't take leave. In a 2016 survey of 1,000 American adults by accounting firm Deloitte, 77 percent of people said potential employers' parental leave policy affected their choice of where to work at least a little. MK: What about the effects of paternal leave in particular?

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They're going to get the teaching to feed and teaching to say the first words pretty much as well as with Mom. However the modest 18 week PPL provision did little to redress health inequalities. The good thing is unlike other kinds of national emergencies. "That's a national scandal. When California introduced six weeks of paid leave, researchers at the Center for Economic and Policy Research studied the impact and found an incredible 91 percent of businesses said the policy had either a positive or no effect on profitability. Paid leave didn't hurt productivity, turnover or employee morale either. There can be mental health effects, as well, of having job-protected, paid leave after the birth of a child.

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